Tiled Art

Deconstruction and Reconstruction is the inspiration behind my tiled work. I first create the image in photoshop using images that I photograph or created. This finished piece is cut out digitally (or deconstructed) Then divided into even squares and printed out over many sheets. I then physically put the artwork back together to reform the entire image (reconstruction). This process gives the new finished work a more organic or handmade feel. The work itself becomes original and helps the viewer become more connected to the image.

Limited Editions: 

Because my  mixed medium artwork is based in photography it means there is an issue with creating duplicate copies. I have decided to limit this work to  editions of 10 for each piece in 3 different sizes, along with 2 artist proofs for each size.  I also create other mixed media pieces that only come in an edition of 1, these works are completely unique and will not have other editions. Click on an image below for more information about an individual artwork. Each work will have my signature, title and edition number.