Winter Swans

I photographed this image at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I just happen to have my camera in my car when it started snowing with these huge snowflakes as I was driving by the Cemetery. I knew that I needed to get out and shoot something while this beautiful snow was falling and it wasn't going to last so I had to move quickly.

I pulled into Spring Grove and drove around for about a minute before I noticed the swan in one of the many lakes at the Cemetery. I took around 100 images of the swan as it moved around the lake (yes, just one swan) while trying to stay dry. I ended up standing under a tree because my camera kept getting too wet from the snow. It was just cold enough to snow and the flakes were so big It was like being in a rainstorm instead of a snowstorm. The snow only lasted around 30min and after it stopped I quickly went home because I knew I had captured something special.

After downloading the files I found I had at least 2 or three images that I really liked.

As you probably noticed I mentioned above that I only photographed one swan that's because there was only one swan at Spring Grove when I was taking the images. So the image above is actually a composite. I took two images and merged them together in photoshop to create a new and I think more powerful image. Some people will not like the fact that this image is a composite and will criticize me for it and that's fine I can take it. But as an artist, I try to create the best and most interesting images possible, and to do that I felt I needed more than one swan in the final image.

When it's all said and done, I need to follow my own path as an artist and not worry about what other people think about my work. I'm very happy with the final image above and as long as I'm honest with everyone about how this image was captured that's all that matters.

But with that being said I do have the original image of just the one swan on my site for sale and I do really like that image as well. You can view that image here

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