Tiled Art

About My Tiled Art

Deconstruction and Reconstruction is the inspiration behind my tiled work. I first create the image in Photoshop using images that I photograph or created. This finished piece is cut out digitally (or deconstructed) Then divided into even squares and printed out over many sheets. I then physically put the artwork back together to reform the entire image (reconstruction). This process gives the newly finished work a more organic or handmade feel. The work itself becomes original and helps the viewer become more connected to the image.

The use of texture gives me a sense of nostalgia, inviting warmth, intrigue, and breathes life into my images. With this in mind, I wanted to add more texture to a finished print. The application of gel medium to a flat print further developed a connection between the image and the viewer by making the textures more alive and the story more real.

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