Untitled photo

I tend to jump between various subjects involving  photographic and visual mediums. I believe this helps me keep my mind fresh and ever improving, I have never been very good at “normal” or cratering images that fit the latest trends. At my base I am a  artist/photographer but I also work in mixed media and any other forms of creativity  I find inspiring. 

As an artist I believe it is essential to be in control of your work every step of the way. I prefer to make my own wood canvases print my own work (or work with a printer I trust) and retouch my own images. This ensures that my work is a true representation of what I envision as an artist.

Tiled Art

Deconstruction and Reconstruction is the inspiration behind my tiled work.

I first create the image in photoshop using images that I photograph or created. This finished piece is cut out digitally (or deconstructed) Then divided into even squares and printed out over many sheets. I then physically put the artwork back together to reform the entire image (reconstruction). This process gives the new finished work a more organic or handmade feel.

The work itself becomes original and helps the viewer become more connected to the image.

The Surreal

Monstrous creatures, woodland spirits, colorful landscapes, mutated and nude human forms in odd spectral planes. These are the images that make up my surreal work and flicker in my mind. Although my images may appear from another world and unreachable, they contain my dreams, desires of new revelations, disappointments and life’s unexpected twists and turns in my current world.


Art Comes Alive 2020 photographer of the year award.

Art Comes Alive 2020 Blink Catalog Award.


You can view Scotts work every Final Friday of the month at the Pendleton Art Center located in Historic OTR.