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My Work

At its base, my work involves our connection with nature and how we as humans respond to our surroundings and each other in an emotional way. I try to articulate themes like strength, power, beauty, and joy using surreal imagery in an abstract way to pull the viewer into my work and challenge them to look closer and imagine the impossible.

Tiled Art

Deconstruction and Reconstruction is the inspiration behind my tiled work. I first create the image in Photoshop using images that I photograph. This finished piece is cut out digitally (or deconstructed) Then divided into even squares and printed out over many sheets. I then physically put the artwork back together to reform the entire image (reconstruction). This process gives the newly finished work a more organic or handmade feel.


Art Comes Alive 2020 photographer of the year award.

Art Comes Alive 2020 Blink Catalog Award.


You can view Scott's work every Final Friday of the month at the Pendleton Art Center located in Historic OTR. Or contact Scott to schedule a private viewing!

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